Tips for fitness trackers

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Provide your basic body bio

Your tracker will ask you to provide some basic personal information, such as your height, weight, age and sex, the first time you sync your fitness tracker with your phone or computer. Make sure you fill this information accurately it is used to estimate the steps you take, the distance you travel and the calories you burn.

Tell your tracker which wrist you will put it on

Most trackers will ask you which wrist you will be wearing the device on. If you are wearing it on your right wrist, make sure it's set for the right and not the left, and vice versa. This is because you move your dominant hand more than the other..

Set realistic goals

You may have expectations of immediately starting to walking 10,000 steps take time to assess your current fitness before setting goals. Start low, maybe for example around 5,000 or 6,000 steps a day. Once you meet that attempt to walk even longer than your previous best.

Don’t forget to turn off sleep mode

A cool feature fitness trackers have is that they're capable of tracking your sleep at night. So turn it on when you are about to sleep, when you wake be sure to deactivate sleep mode otherwise your tracker will give you inaccurate sleep information.

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  • I cannot agree more – having realistic goals couldn’t replace expectations but rather be very more representative of the life we actually live! its useful to understand your vitals and key information that helps you adapt and change the approach to streamlining a healthier lifestyle. just looked through your catalogue and ive ordered the Hembeer wrist band – awesome value. Cannot wait to give it a whizz!

    manni on

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