The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival - Leeds

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The great Town Hall of Leeds was the venue on 16th &17th June for the Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival.

 A very grand venue with beautiful marble inside, it  was attended by thousands of keen vegans ready check out our freshly made super food smoothies.

Regular readers will know by now that Yingu promotes nutrition that targets specific health benefits so we are constantly looking for new super foods in our smoothie mixes and keen to talk to like-minded people.

I spoke to many people and was impressed by the level of nutrition knowledge in our community and the novel ways you have found to consume some super foods. A big thank you to Beth Pearson for sharing her Turmeric Porridge recipe with us and to Anthony Kemp and his partner for their protein recipes. We are very greatful to everyone who stopped by our stall to talk to us. 

We are truly encouraged by the level of interest people have shown in our natural, high density, targeted nutrition. I believe we all want foods that are delicious, nutritious and targeted, this is what drives Yingu. 

We will be at the Manchester Eats festival on 7th and 8th July so if you are going to that do come by and say hello to us.

The full day was recorded on video so that we could share our experience, feel free to share with your friends if you like what you see.

We would love to hear your views on natural nutrition please tell us what you think by email to




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