Healthy Eating Part 2

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We are proud to bring you part two of Eating for Health by Danielle Hall-Smith.  Danielle runs MaxiMUM Health UK and has been providing nutrition advice, classes, programs for over 10 year. In this blog Danielle let’s you in on the secrets to taking on board quality nutrients.

Eating for Health – Part Two

In my last blog I discussed the main macronutrients you need to consume on a vegan diet and how you can create a balanced plate.

This week I will be looking at micronutrients, why they are important and how to ensure you get the right amount.

What are micronutrients?

 Micronutrients are mainly known as the vitamins and minerals found in food. But there’s more! Many micronutrients help the body to form or digest the enzymes, phytonutrients and antioxidants we need from plants to stay healthy and functional.

 Where can we find micronutrients?

Micronutrients are abundant…if you follow a plant-based diet. I’m not talking about processed vegan food that has cooked vegetables in plus a lot of fillers and other chemicals – not to mention pesticides. I am talking about fresh, whole food.


The younger the plant, the more you will benefit from the micronutrients, enzymes (which help us to digest) and phytonutrients (nutrients found in plants that help protect against damaging environments – to us they can reduce inflammation, blood pressure and cholesterol to name a few).

 You can find the highest and purest forms of energy, macros, micros and enzymes in sprouted food.  For example, sprouted lentils have the same protein value per 100g as red meat, only without the indigestion issues, fat, cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics and pesticides!

 Many micronutrients are reduced or destroyed during the cooking process – in some cases the food can even become carcinogenic. Therefore, it really is important to eat fresh!

 A great way to understand the energy in uncooked or very lightly cooked food is by using Kirlian photography. The photographs literally show you the energy field surrounding the food. That’s why eating fresh and vegan makes us feel so good. Eating dead animal does not have the same benefit as you can imagine. It is dead after all!


Can’t I just take a supplement?

So many of us want a quick fix because our days are so packed and often times very demanding. However, it is important to see good nutrition as a very powerful journey that you can take charge of to manipulate your physical health and performance. It is not to be taken for granted and the true power of eating right can literally change your life!

 Taking a supplement will not have the same impact at all. Especially if the supplement is made from synthetic vitamins and minerals instead of being food based. What do I mean? Most vitamins and minerals you buy off the shelf from high street stores have been made in laboratories and therefore lack real energy (Kirlian photography proves this easily).

We also often need a range of vitamins and minerals from different sources to ensure they are all absorbed by the body.

Let’s take a watermelon and mint juice for example. The watermelon is full of iron and the mint is high in vitamin C. Together as a food source they create iron and vitamin C that can be absorbed easily in the body. Plus the watermelon is 97% water so you are hydrating at the same time – a bottle of supplements does not stand a chance!

 So when you choose your supplements always go for food based ones that are high quality. Most people, meat eaters included, are lacking in vitamin B12 so supplementation here may well be needed.

To conclude:

To help you get the micronutrients you body needs to develop, balance, heal and function you need to ensure you are eating as fresh as possible. Five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day really isn’t enough – if it were there would be a lot more healthy people around and much less disease.

Refer back to the balanced plate in my previous blog and ensure at least three quarters of your plate is fresh in order to absorb all of the micronutrients you need.

Include a fresh juice and or smoothie throughout the day as an extra boost in nutrients and energy. It really is that simple!

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Yingu and Danielle are like minded when it comes to nutrition. Yingu believes your body deserves the highest quality set of nutrients, this is best done with whole plant based foods that provide you a range of nutrients rather than pills that in the main give you a single nutrient. That is why we only make Yingu smoothies from 100% natural whole organic super foods that have been powdered for convenience whilst retaining the benefits of the vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and fibre within them. 

 Ever wondered whether what you are eating impacts your ability to start a family? In our next blog Danielle will address Nutrition For Conception.

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